A simple proof-of-concept with many applications, realizable with existing technology today!

As a proof-of-concept we have built a simple blockchain application that satisfies the below specifications. It runs on a fast development environment but is fully functional and highly responsive. The app is free to use and gives you the opportunity to try out different concepts of how blockchain technology can be useful for you. Try it out for yourself or watch the instructional video first for orientation.

  • immutable entries
  • decentralized and trustless design
  • owner controlled assets
  • high transaction rate
  • low latency
  • indexing and querying of structured data
  • user friendly interface
  • web app, no installation required

  • One Ledger - Multiple Usecases

    The prototype which you can try for yourself under already contains a broad set of functionality. However, we understand that getting started can be cumbersome and thats's why we provide some handholding below for potential usecases that you can implement for yourself with our free prototype. The general architecture is fairly simple and comparable to the centralized database solutions you might already know. One difference is that some entries can be updated later (we call them dynamic or meta properties) and others can't ever be changed (we call them static or asset properties). For geeks, we can also say that entries are never changed but additional values for previous properties are recorded, making everything trackable through history.
    Every entry into the database is represented as an asset with specific properties and below sections give you an idea of how these might look for the specific usecase. Don't hesitate to get in touch for any questions.

    Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Applicaton

    We're currently integrating the scanning functionality so that new assets (i.e. database entries) can be generated by scanning a special code. Those codes can also be downloaded from the login panel (search at the bottom right of the login panel). However, here are asset structures that will allow a patient to verify that his pills are original.

    Property Value Static / Dynamic
    Asset Name Some Medicine static
    Maker Big Pharma Company static
    Charge 13245987 static
    Production Date static
    Handled by Name, Entity dynamic
    Location ///pfeffer.punkten.frisch dynamic
    Temperature cc° dynamic

    The beauty of this simple setup is that timestamps for any updates of dynamic properties are automatically added and later used to display the history of the asset, ie you can see who changed which property when.

    The last entry could be used to ensure that the package has always been handled at appropriate temperatures. A temperature sensor could automatically report this data in pre-determined intervals as updates to the blockchain asset. This is a good example of future functionality that we can implement with sufficient funding. But with the other entries alone, the model can provide full functionality: A patient would simply scan the medicine package with the scanner that is on any smartphone and if the supply chain for this package is fully and correctly documented the screen turns green and the patient can be sure to take the original medicine.

    Aviation Maintenance Applicaton

    Despite ongoing digitalization, aviation maintenance still runs on a good amount of paperwork. But there are more documentation requirements with FAA and EASA certifications, meaning there have to be (ideally immutable) entries for who changed what part when with which certification. Additionally, working hours for each part have to be logged so we know when it's time to exchange it. A blockchain solution can easily take care of all of these requirements. Our prototype works without the scanning capability currently but already we can create fairly good documentation as it is. A simplified data model for aviation maintenance could look like this:

    Property Value Static / Dynamic
    Part Name Some Engine Part static
    Maker Some Aviation Company static
    Certificate / Part FAA 13579 static
    QR Code ID BTRI generated QR Code (New Asset Labels button on static
    Exchanged static
    Handled by Name, Entity dynamic
    Working Hours xxx hrs dynamic

    As with pharmaceutics before, the working hours could be entered into the blockchain by the part itself when it connects to the web everytime the aircraft is on the ground. Many additional fields are possible, as well. We could additionally log the hours for which the mechanic worked on the aircraft and use is to generate bills and feed into accounting processes of the maintenance provider company.

    Ownership Title (Grundbuch) Applicaton

    For managing property, land registry or other public records an immutable blockchain accepted and operated by public authorities could significantly reduce access time and paperwork to document the wrightful owner of an object, a piece of land or other items that are registered publically.

    Property Value Static / Dynamic
    Location Location Identifier static
    Owner dynamic
    Handled by Notary dynamic
    DD Data DD data package, encrypted dynamic

    As an additional feature for real estate developers and other real estate businesses, the database entry could include encrypted due-diligence information. This could be in form of a link pointing to a service like plasma, designed to store larger files on a blockchain. Through such a feature we could lower transaction cost which are currently very high (around 10% in Germany, depending on set-up and involved parties). Each time institutionally held object changes hands each buyer conducts a fresh due-diligence hiring tax, accounting, legal and valuation consultant. If the information from the last transaction could be stored in a verifiable way and through encryption made available only to the potential buyer, we estimate a 90% reduction in due-diligence cost compared to today. This would come in handy especially for real estate developers, enabling them to shorten the sale process, obtaining a better sale price and freeing up resources for the next project sooner.

    More to come...

    Expected Impact

    We expect the impact of the above mentioned measures to be highly significant. However, the challenge might not lie so much in creating a technical solution (we already have it in place) but more in managing the change process and getting authorities to accept the digital ledgers. This might easiest be done if authorities themselves set up the blockchain and allow other parties to run additional nodes. Pioneering decentralized solutions to global and local sustainability challenges will generate positive social change by making available novel solutions for decentralizing and disintermediating processes. Demonstrating the viability of solutions enabling a more even distribution and sharing of information and resources which respects privacy while providing levels of transparency is one of our main objectives.