How to participate

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Your engagement will make an impact

To participate and receive TOG token, just send your donation in ETH to:
Alternatively, send cash to the foundation's account.

What do I get for my money?

By supporting the foundation you will get
  • TOG tokens (ERC20)
  • Independent research that shows long-term sustainable use cases
  • Guidelines on how to develop blockchain applications that provide economic value
  • Priority access to the research results
  • The good karma from your altruistic action
  • Participate today and make a difference.

    How do I support society like this?

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    Independent resarch requires financing. Other than most popular blockchain projects that issue their own currency to finance their proprietary research, this project will be able to work truly independently and focus on solutions that create the broadest economic value-added. Everybody who has knowledge about this research will be able to profit from it. As a TOG tokenholder, you will get prioritised access to results, giving you a timing advantage.

    "Other than the current ICO scene, we won't tell you that some creatively named token will increase in value because of alledged future scarceness. In a very German and straightforward way, we're just saying that our research needs funding to be independent. We're asking you to support us by making a donation. In turn, you will have priviledged access to our research results to use for your own purposes."

    A summary description of how to participate can be found in the read-the-docs section.

    What are the projects?


    We have identified a number of projects in more generic nature in our working paper and also have developed a sample app to illustrate how easy it can be to work with a blockchain application. Furthermore, there is a whole section on potential projects and parameters of their implementation here. From our current research we gained the impression that blockchain technology can make a significant impact and help make lifes better in the healthcare sector. While the extend to which we will be able to carry out further research will heavily depend on the available funding, these documents will give a good impression of what the future holds in store.