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We know blockchain. In fact, we wrote multiple papers about it.

At the Blockchain Technology Reasearch Institute (BTRI) we believe there is a value-adding way to run a blockchain. in which the technology is applied in a useful manner and respectfully handles natural resources - unlike approaches that are energy and ressource intensive. We are obsessed with it, and our mission is to help people understand and use this technology. It is one of the least understood and least transparent technological areas, and we see this as an opportunity: We're excited to simplify the blockchain for all through our research, education and software.

How it started

BTRI was started in 2016 by engineers and bankers. It began as a leisure activity, gathering the opinions of the world's first block chain experts, evaluating their research and ideas, and stacking whitepapers. Gradually, a collaboration between the Technology Institute and the Fair Capital Markets Foundation developed, and we gathered our notes from the Beginner's Guide to Blockchain and our first block chain research study into a working paper, turning this hub of industry expertise into a research institute. This later led to the development of proprietary blockchain tools and applications. One of these applications was the Tulip/Monster game, which was intended as a proof of concept, but quickly developed into an addictive game for us.

We ❤ Research and Community

Thoroughly conducted research is key to finding solutions to the challenges of our time, whether they are of a global, societal or regional nature. The result of the researcher's work is not always entirely "new knowledge". A large part of the research process results in inventions and innovations. The further development of existing processes and the improvement of existing products and processes are also part of the tasks of research and development. At BTRI we create blockchain solutions for a sustainable future by pursuing ambitious goals along our entire value chain. In this way, we want to achieve cost-balanced growth and assume social and ecological responsibility. We concentrate on topics in which we, as a research institute, can make a significant contribution together with our partner companies.

Culture at BTRI

We help our team member's development in their current roles and dream about what comes next. Our vision is driving us. BTRI works to create a healthy, balanced research and corporate culture that supports a long-term, creative workforce and promotes a healthy work-life balance. Our scientists are encouraged to participate in events, share their work and take time to volunteer or learn new skills. Our head office is located in Frankfurt am Main, directly next to the internet node DE-CIX. Our work area and warehouse are designed to collaborate, with a mixture of open office space and a playground. BTRI is also an open house for writers, designers, comedians, artists, press representatives and other interesting people, so that we remain inspired by diversity around us and people from different industries.

The Foundation

The Foundation Fair Capital Markets, is a non-profit institution under German civil law. The purpose of the foundation is to promote the general public selflessly in material, spiritual or moral areas. In particular, it serves the promotion of science and research as well as the promotion of education, folk and vocational training including student assistance according to §52 Paragraph 2 No. 1 and No. 7 AO.
The foundation enables research projects in promising areas around financial markets and helps to improve the structural conditions for academia.

our services
Things we can do for you

We focus our service offering around our core competencies in data-science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. And as an independent institute we work in an objective and neutral way according to your requirements.

Check out our knowledge-hub to get a feeling for recent projects and contents.

Commission Research

Let us dive deep to answer your questions. Whether it is to evaluate if a tech-project makes economic sense or to elaborate on the question if that new blockchain project really is the best solution for you - we're here to help.

Get a Prototype

So you've found a project adding value to your company and want to give it a try with a prototype solution - Happy to build that for you. We speak blockchain, machine-learning and artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

You have data and would like to know how you can monetize it with the help of machine-learning and AI - we have the computing power to train extensive models.

Grants / Horizon 2020

Looking for a German partner in a Multinational or European research and innovation action? Let us participate and contribute to your project. We have experience in H2020 and can take contibuting or coordinating roles in all data-science and blockchain related questions.
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To participate in supporting us you can receive TOG token, just send your donation in ETH or other ERC20 token to:
Alternatively, send cash to the foundation's account and get a receipt if you're donating from Germany. Our documentation page has more details on how to to this.
What's in it for you
By supporting the foundation you can get
  • TOG tokens (ERC20)
  • Open-sourced and independent research that shows long-term sustainable use cases
  • Guidelines on developing blockchain applications with economic value
  • Priority access to research results
  • The good karma from your altruistic action
How do I support society with this

Independent research requires financing. Other than most popular blockchain projects that issue their own currency to finance their proprietary research, this project will be able to work truly independently and focus on solutions that create the broadest economic value-added. Everybody who has knowledge about this research will be able to profit from it. As a TOG tokenholder, you will get priority access to findings and results, giving you a timing advantage.

our capabilities

Have a look at our previous projects - we love to share all open-source content with you whenever possible.

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